Developing a quality foreign language program can have a significant impact on the overall success rate for students. For educators, however, the creation of a foreign language department comes with some obstacles. That’s where the Onsite Foreign Language Programs from Berlitz come in.

We provide a comprehensive, ready-to-use, customized, completely scalable foreign language solution. We will work with your institution to determine the specific needs you have to create a solution that provides the highest level of language training, while also adhering to budget concerns and time requirements.

Our school programs include:

    • In-person, live virtual, or hybrid programs for Spanish, English, French, Mandarin, German and other languages. We have teachers ready to start in your area.
    • Affordable blended solutions that optimize the benefit from both the teacher and the technology.
    • Programs and curricula designed for each age and proficiency level. We'll fit into your school's schedules and your objectives.

We'll also include a virtual visit to a country where that language is spoken. A Berlitz instructor in that country will broadcast live from that city into your classroom so that your students can use their new skills to communicate with people in that country!

With Berlitz, you’ll be working with an academic partner passionate about providing youth education that will help students succeed.

Enhance your foreign language department

With Berlitz, your school can better prepare children in your community with courses that support a broader, more well-rounded student. Our programs for kids and teens help students quickly improve their language skills, building confidence, improving school performance and encouraging them to strive for further success.

Our Onsite Foreign Language Programs provide classroom staffing support and professional development. Whether you are in need of expert foreign language instructors to offset teaching shortages or professional language instruction for your staff to increase the knowledge level of your current staff, we can help at Berlitz.

Berlitz Kids and Teens program options include:

  • Complete in-school language programs (including staffing the program and providing instructional resources)
  • After school programs
  • Summer program
  • Private or semi-private tutoring
  • Small group and individual instruction

Work with a trusted partner

At Berlitz, we have been providing the most effective way to learn a language for over 140 years. By partnering directly with schools and educational institutions, we work with your academic teams to build a curriculum that meets with academic standards, aligned with both state and national guidelines.

When you partner with us to build your language offerings, you are ensuring that your students will get the most highly trained instructors and the most robust academic programming.

Why partner with Berlitz?

Berlitz is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language. Enlist our expertise to grow your school’s curriculum with our programs.

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